Thursday, July 15, 2004


Our Love's Becoming a Thing of the Past

That's the last song I heard at work tonight. Those Shirelles . . . sigh. I spent most of the day web-designing. Lindsay's new pooch is turning out to be spectacular. The cats seem to be adjusting alright.

Lindsay took me to yoga down the street today. It was really nice and I liked the instructor and her attitude. I miss yoga. It's totally my type of exercise. "Now, lay down and stretch out and breath." Boo, yay! I can do that! I can do anything!

I had a lot of customers tonight that were regulars and really awesome. Also, a gaggle of hippies showed up ten minutes before close and were all, "We want three thousand beer floats, now." Ugh. Hippies. But they were nice (some of them helped bring stuff in). Steve helped get them out. That was awesome! And, I made good money. I like good money.

I got a friend request from one of those people I knew back in High School who I thought was really cool and interesting and super, but I was a bit afraid/intimidated by. I wrote her a message saying that. Does that make me creepy? "I was always fascinated by you." Too late now.

Tomorrow will be brunch with Douglas and Lisa and hopefully Lindsay (I hope!), and then more web stuff, then maybe another chapter in the novel (see the Measure of Permanence link). Then, maybe, some crazy fun! Like, Karaoke? Dinner with Greg and Lindsay, because Greg's leaving. I can't believe all these things that are happening. But I seem to be doing OK.

The more tired I am, the more exclamation marks I use. I think that's strange!

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