Friday, July 23, 2004


Oh, Baby!

So, I got the call at 12:30 that it was time to birth a baby. And I was already packed up so I ran right over there, and Ann and Mark were pleased to see me. Dominick, the first baby, Baby #1, was asleep. Mark was very thorough in his tour of the house, and how to use the coffee machine. Ann went and sat in the car because she felt sick. I guess being in labor isn't much fun.

They left and I walked around a bit, read and re-read their four page instruction sheet. I put on my pajamas and set the alarm for early in the morning so I could have some time to make coffee and settle myself. I watched some TV, and, ungh, Halle Berry was on Conan. So I watched the Lehrer News Hour instead. Then Chris called, a bit drunk, and we talked for a long time until I couldn't stay awake. I fell right asleep, but woke up every hour or so. Finally I got up, made coffee, and went back to sleep. Then, it was morning.

Dominick has never in his short little life woken up without his mom or dad around, and he was shocked to see me there. I spent a good half hour reading the note his mom wrote to him over and over, and eventually convinced him to let me change his diaper. Then, breakfast, then a lot of playing with numbers and adding and subtracting.

"I'm number eight," I said, "because I am too tired to stand up. And you're number one because you can stand up."

It went smoothly from there. He learned how to use the calculator on my phone, and how to take pictures. I posted a picture that he took of me, and a picture that I took of him.

Mark came home at eleven. There's a new baby, Baby #2, a little girl, and everything went really well. I'm back at home now, and about to pass out.

Dominick gave me a hug goodbye. That was awesome!

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