Thursday, July 22, 2004


Maybe, Baby!

How can I be such a pooh sometimes?

I got a call from Ann today, saying she might be popping out baby number two tonight, and could I come over if she is? I said, sure, just let me know, give me a call. And then, I go to the K Records Summer Dance Party thing at the Crystal. I really only went because I knew that Steve (or as John and Matthew call him, "States Rights Steve") would be there, and I haven't seen him since before I went to France. I paid my eight bucks, went in, saw Steve right away. I gave him a medium amount of shit for not returning my email, and he apologized and I said, no, it's cool. Steve has a lot of friends, he's a really friendly guy, and all these people kept interrupting our catching-up session. So I was all, I'm gonna go upstairs and check it out. And then I saw Kirk (Amanda's friend) and Emily and John and Patrick. And I stood there all awkward with John and Emily and Patrick for about ten minutes, then said, "I'm going to take a walk." And then I walked right out of there, gave a homeless guy some money and walked to my car.

I hate shows, and it's so hot everywhere, and there were so many people, and I was all anxious about the baby possibility. Typical. Just typical.

Oh well. I'll know soon enough if there's a baby a-coming. Still, I don't know nothing 'bout birthin' no babies. (Props to Shelley for that joke.)

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