Sunday, July 25, 2004


Fried Eggs

You remember those "This is your brain on drugs" commercials where this guy's hand cracks open and egg and drops it into a really nice cast-iron type skillet? That's what my brain feels like, though I am proud to say that I am not on drugs. What I am on, though, is super nasty intense heat all day out in the sun saying "You want a bag for that or you gonna eat that now?" I almost cried because the mushroom vendor guy yelled at me for talking on the cell phone as I was packing up my van to leave. Then I got back to work and wanted to quit. I didn't though, most likely because it was air-conditioned. I sat at home with my feet in a pot of ice-water and watched disc two of Chappelle's Show. Now that I have NetFlix I feel like anything is possible. The first season of The Kids in the Hall is coming next.

Anyway my brain is still fried up and I want to spend some Q.T. with Amanda and Katie and Sarah and Shauna, but I can't seem to think. And, yes, I am drinking plenty of water, thanks for asking. I just am super sensitive to heat. I don't know why, but I am. I remember spending all day in my neighbors' pools, never leaving the water until my lips turned blue. What I need is to go to the pool. Maybe tomorrow I'll swing by the Sellwood pool and fight some kids for their water toys. "Hey, brat," I'll say. "I'm gonna kick your ass. You want a bag for that or are you gonna eat it now?"

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