Tuesday, July 06, 2004



This week has been all web designing, navel gazing, music making, quiet times, and just a pinch of raucousness. For instance, last night we went to Beer Land with Debbie to sing karaoke with Satan's Cheerleaders. Then we wandered down Sixth Street into various free dance clubs and into Boyz Cellar, the gay bar the Debbie likes. I have a secret crush on Debbie. One of the KJs had on these really short red shorts and white heels and was all sexy like, but managed somehow not to be cute. It was confusing.

The thing about vacation is this: if it didn't end, it wouldn't be a vacation. Having this set amount of time together, and budgeting how we want to spend it exactly, and not getting things done that we thought we would, and doing things that we certainly had not planned to do, all of this has been very relaxing because there was no schedule. If we wanted to stay up until five in the morning recording, we could. If we wanted to get up early and make crepes, we could. If we wanted to close the door on the rest of the party and dance until we were out of breath, we could. If we wanted to play chess on the floor, and if we wanted to tell each other to take back a move because that would've been checkmate and we wanted to keep playing, we could.

It's the kind of thing where you wouldn't have it any other way.

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