Tuesday, June 01, 2004


United Promised Togas on It's New York- Rome Run

I'm at Tiny's with Katy and Shauna. We're all sitting on the red couch, two laptops and a magazine. Claire called this morning, woke my ass up, and we talked, just like old times. The amount of travel that I want to do this summer is astounding. (I've decided to use 'astounding' in every entry I can this week. I think it's a dramatic word. It adds insta-glamour to my blog lifestyle.) I told my mom that we could drive her Jeep cross-country so she doesn't have to ship it. I want to visit Claire in SF, and Austin, of course.

Shauna and I went to the Aalto lounge last night, the new upper-crust hipster hang out. I like that they have sparkling white wine and scotch. I made this gay guy try my Macallan's 12 year. I almost had to pinch his nose to get him to put it in his mouth. He liked it, though. I think that the only reason he tried it was because he thought I looked really put together. He said as much.

I watched the first season of The Office yesterday. Katy, who appreciates the Brit Coms as much as I do (if not more) really enjoyed it. Shauna and I found it mostly creepy, but also very funny.

I saw my ex girlf Danielle at the Reel M'Inn the other night. We ignore each other almost as if we're complete strangers. It's bizarre to me that there are so many people in this town whom I have to ignore. The funny thing is that those people are now bigger fish in this small pond than they used to be. It looks like becoming a bigger fish takes a few things. One, some talent. Two (and this is the big one), a whole lotta drive. Part of it is a desire to be a part of an artistic community. I think that if people didn't make me feel uncomfortable most of the time, I'd be a lot better at networking.

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