Saturday, June 19, 2004



In the interest of fairness, I thought I should let you know the songs that I've purchase over iTunes in the past few days.

"Don't Walk Away" Jade. This song starts with the band's answering machine message. So 1993 that I could hurt myself.

"Take a Chance on Me" ABBA. One of my favorite in the van moments (remember the maroon Mini Van that Marian and Amanda sported?) was when we all sat in the van, waiting for something, seeing how fast we could say "Take a chance, Take a chance, Take a chance" without flubbing it. Try it. It is not easy. I think you need to be Swedish.

"Amie" Pure Prairie League. Um, obvious. MY name is Amy.

"Hungry Heart" Bruce Springsteen. This one . . . I don't know, I guess I'm in a Bruce kick.

"You Are So Beautiful" Joe Cocker. I've been listening to the Lite Rock station (103.3) like crazy.

Mandy Barry Manilow. For some reason I always get this song confused with "Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be/But my life, my love, and my lady is the sea." I prefer "Brandy," but Manilow has some 70s sex appeal.

"Baby Come Back" Player. This song I heard on the radio driving the Pix van, and I was all, before I recognized it, "this song is what music is about. It was kind of early in the morning.

"Reunited" Peaches & Herb. Well, again, a bit obvious.

I'm wiped. Work Friday all day and night, Saturday all day (the market moved. It was a giant poo. Giant), and then I got a call from the Red Cross, and went to a fire. I got promoted to DAT (Disaster Action Team). Isn't that hott? I got promoted because my team-leaders like me, and I like them. Then I went to this weird picnic out in Sellwood, by the awesome kiddie pool. I miss those lounge by the pool days we used to have, cutting in line at the water slide, threatening children for their water toys, underwater hand-stands.

Claire called me today. What a vagina.

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