Saturday, June 26, 2004


I'm Tough!

The first time I did the market by myself, I thought that I'd never make it. So many heavy things to move around, so much sampling to do, so many people to talk to. Now, it's a piece of cake. Ha! That's funny. I sell pieces of cake! I'm also getting super buff arms. I've taken to doing yoga while I'm standing there; variations on the tree pose and the crane are my favorites. Sales are picking up, too. Although I must admit that I have a bad attitude most of the time. This morning was great, though. I was chipper. Averyl visited and was traded raspberries for blueberries. Paula gave me some turnips, and she gave me a little orange flower for the monkey. Dawn, the oyster lady, cut herself, and I used my Red Cross first aid skills to bandage her up. That said, I'm glad that I have a week off from it.

What I really like about market is the trading. There's something really wholesome about trading things instead of paying for them. But now I need to lie down.

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