Wednesday, June 09, 2004


The Grand Switcheroo

I feel less like the headless horseman right now. The lead singer from Everclear was one of my customers tonight. Not that I care about Everclear, but I don't think I've ever had a customer who was famous before. I've had the guy who owns Stumptown--he's sort of famous--and the waitress from Genie's--not famous, but to me a bit. And he was a good tipper! Yee haw! Unfortunately, we had the rush from hell tonight. Two tables of eight people and each of them wanted a special coffee drink. Um, do they think that we have tiny little helper elves at the espresso machine, ready and waiting to froth milk (skim and regular) and pull decaf shots? Because we don't. But, on second thought, that would be cute and so convenient.

Oh, yeah, about the template. Big dig. I accidentally switched it, and lost all of the links. Super poo. I'll put them back up soon. I'm not thrilled with the template, either. I much preferred the old one. What can you do?

While on the phone with Chris today at Wild Oats I knocked over a basket of cornbread. I felt like one of those women on their cell phones at the grocery store, yak yak yaking away and not paying any attention to her surroundings. I despise those women, and now I am one. Isn't that some sort of Confucian saying? Along the lines of Every woman becomes her mother? At least I think my mom is awesome!

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