Saturday, May 08, 2004


Saturday Market: Not for the Feeble

I saw Rick Bain perform last night at Berbati's. His songs were everything I love about Tom Petty and the Beatles. I even got to go into the green room downstairs, thanks to Joe. It was nice, but humid and hot and made me want to sleep. I updated Joe about the whole situation. I ran into Jeremy and Jesse from Trade Up. Every time I see Jeremy I feel this glow. He's one of those people who emits goodness. I like those people. Yay for those people!

The market this morning was busy busy busy. Once again, I love having busy work to do. But when I took my only break to smoke and pee, I felt so tired and worn out, like I might faint. So I went right back to work. Living to the point of exhaustion again, it's like I'm back in school. Late nights and early mornings. I don't have to work again until Tuesday. I haven't had this much time off from work in forever it seems.

"Only People We Like."

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