Monday, May 31, 2004


I slept until 4

This rock n roll lifestyle is getting to me. I have enough energy, just, to watch DVDs over at Shauna and Katy's house. The house is astoundingly, resoundingly empty. And, messy. I should be getting over there so we can begin our sitting down.

Called Alexia today and she has a new love interest. Enough of a love interest that she would call me up to talk to me about it. That's big. I too have a new(ish) love interest. Actually, not new, but old. But new in a new way. Part of me, internally, goes like this: "Now that you have me, will you still want me?" Then it occurs to me that I'm not exactly the type of girl who can be had, per se. Or at least I thought that I wasn't.

I'm really happy that I got to sing on the At Dusk album. I'm especially happy because it sounds really pretty, and it sounds like it belongs, not like they arbitrarily decided to put me in one of their songs. I'm even happier that they seem to like it being there. I'm getting moderately excited about finishing my new album. I don't want to rush it, like the first one. I want it to coalesce like a beautiful jello mold.

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