Wednesday, May 26, 2004


How many houses is too many houses?

I have thirty five minutes until I'm supposed to be at work. I can still feel the burrito in my tummy, topped off with a day-old blueberry donut. I've watched Oprah since my last entry, mainly because I knew that George Michael was going to be on today. I really really don't like Oprah's interview tactics, or persona, or how she lip synchs from the audience while the performers are on-stage. "Four houses is just too many," said Oprah Winfrey to George Michael. Wow! I always thought that once I had four houses I'd finally feel complete inside. It's so nice to finally hear that there's such a thing as too many houses. Good for you, Oprah, to speak out about his important and controversial issue. I sure hope she doesn't get sued by Fanny Mae or Champion Mortgage ("When your bank says 'No,' Champion says 'Yes!'") How super-rich can someone be to not even think twice about saying something like that on national television. But I digress. George sang a new song about his gay lover from Texas (what a strange set of things George and I have in common), and "Father Figure" and "Faith." Boy can he write a catchy tune! Boy does he have an excellent voice. Boy does he perspire a lot! (Again, the shared traits we have. . . I wonder if he's a Pisces with a Cancer Moon like me?)

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