Thursday, May 13, 2004


Basque Lemonade

Red wine, white wine, lemons, sugar, water. I made it and it's good. Another night at work, this time dishwashing, and we were slammed again, same old new thing. I've had a bagel with lox, a doughnut, and a burrito today. It's strange to me what I eat when I eat because I need to, not because I'm doing something special. Food as sustenance is sort of a foreign concept to me. It's so Third World, and I'm so completely First World. Actually, my inner Anthropologist is screaming out: "No! Food as ritual is cross-cultural." I miss my inner Anthropologist. She's been hiding away lately. Speaking of Anthropology, my movie is showing tomorrow (today). I said that I was going to think of what to say, but now I still have nothing. Instead, I started the first dishwashing hip-hop hit. It has an R Kelly feel to it (without the alleged child-molestation). I played the hook for Matthew over the phone this afternoon. Now all I need to do is bring my recording stuff (and borrow Greg's mics and expertise about said mics) into work and record the beautiful percussive sounds that I make dishwashing. Some that I particularly adore: spray thing on metal mixing bowl, glasses clinking in the rack, forks shaking in a tub. Matt said that instead of "bling-bling" we should have "clink-clink."

Another thing: I need a name for this hip-hop effort. All I can think of is MC Dishrag. Does anyone out there have any ideas? I'll totally thank you in the liner notes.

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