Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Just between the two of us

Apt, eh? Shauna's back and while we thought it would be weird integrating her back into the lifestyle, it turns out to be not an issue. There are issues, though, issues aplenty. I've been doing something radical: talking to others about my life instead of writing and posting things on the internet. Enough of that! Basta!

Things are resolved in my head as per Joe. The attention was so nice, everything about him is nice (except one crucial thing), that's the word: nice. But when he touched my knee I didn't feel my heart fluttering. "If you can't get what you want/ Do you have to take what you get?" I probably shouldn't have kissed him, but Lindsay says that sometimes that's the only way to find out. Yeah, like that song in Mermaids. But the words should be altered to fit the occasion: "If you want to know if you love him so, it's in his kiss--that's where it is--oh, yeah." (As I'm typing this I hear the song, the high pitched back up vocalists.)

Speaking of "Oh, Yeah," I've been doing the Kool-Aid man impression pretty much non-stop today. I must have said it ten times around Matt.

Natural Bridges, Matt's project, I listened to it tonight. It was pretty. And sublime and terribly sad and romanti-tragically hopeful. It fit the mood. Romanti-tragically hopeful. Oh, yeah!

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