Friday, April 23, 2004


Hot Sandwiches

I just ate the best meat sandwich of my life, although it appears now that I've significantly shortened my life by eating the sandwich. It had beef and sausage, and everybody knows that two types of meat are better than one. This was one of those post binge drinking mornings where all I could think about was greasy food. Monologue: "Where can I get something greasy to eat? Why are there no greasy spoons in my neighborhood? Why don't I just move back to Long Island? Why did I decide that a third bottle of sparkling rose was a good idea after 60 ounces of beer? Why is there no food in my house? Where can I get something like a hamburger but not a hamburger. [pause] Argh! I know! Michael's hot sandwich place. I've always wanted to try it! Let's go there now!"

The shop itself was populated mainly by manly professional men, button-down shirts and beer bellies, cell-phone clips on their belts. At least I wore my Otto's Sausage Kitchen sweatshirt. It says "This lady likes meat."

Dingo's didn't hire Shauna back, so we've decided to pull a Legend of Billie Jean and protest during Ladies' Night screaming "Fair is Fair!" We should fly Claire up for that.

The camping trip is still on for Monday. It sounds like it will be warmish out there. I don't see why it wouldn't be a good idea for me to go.

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