Thursday, April 22, 2004


Fuck Retro-Clash

I made a song last night between one and one thirty a.m. I made it after Cubase refused to export a mix-down of the new and improved "White Wedding" cover. I think maybe my water broke. I feel like I did a few months ago, right before I wrote most of (leave me alone). Light-headed, nervous, and serene. I think that there are two approaches to song-writing, and both are exemplified by Strength and Natural Bridges. The first is the tedious, work really hard on an idea until it works, employed by Strength. The second is the let-it-come-as-it-will, then work on it after method, embraced by Natural Bridges. They have really different outcomes. Whereas Strength sounds incredibly polished, calculated, and danceable, Natural Bridges sounds organic (even with the synths) and dynamic. What I really and truly wonder about, though, is how Missy Elliott makes her beats. What about the people who wrote and produced "Toxic"?

What I'd like to do, aside from my "make pretty music" manifesto, is make awesome dance beats and riffs. Not electroclash, not Tracy and the Plastics or Peaches (I prefer Tracy, though), certainly not Cameltoe, not Le Tigre, not Cody Chestnut. I like listening to these groups, they matter to me, but if I have the ability (sort of) to go beyond them technically, to make things sound less like they come from the eighties, then I want to do that.

Avant-Garde! Fuck retro-clash.

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