Tuesday, April 13, 2004


And then I watched Nine to Five

At least I have bread pudding left-overs for breakfast today, and two million sliced strawberries. Last night's menu:
Baked mac n cheese with Blue, Emmental, Wisconsin Cheddar
Fennel and Pears poached in Muscat
Green and White Asparagus with cumin and toasted almonds
Braised Rabbit Hind-Quarters cooked in a vanilla bean, clove, fennel leaf infusion with sherry and dessert wine
Bread Pudding

I almost started crying when Lindsay came home. "Amy, what's wrong?" "Nothing [sniffle sniffle]." "Amy, what is it?" "I said nothing, Lindsay, just let it go." But then Elly and Katy came over, so I was cheered up by their presence and the whiskey. I am not lying when I say that I love cooking, but it's stressful when you don't know if anyone's going to show up and eat the food. Maybe I should think twice about starting a restaurant if I get this upset over a dinner party.

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