Monday, March 22, 2004


Playing doctor

Alex finally got the internet to work, so I'm here, blogging away. Lessee . . . got into town, slept for two days, went to the city with Alexia and Mel, went to the city again with Alexia and Mel, had brunch with Aunt Anita and Ruth and Marc, came home, slept, went to Dunkin Donuts with the boy who lived next door, went to second base with the boy who lived next door, ate pizza, dim sum, bagels, watched Everwood, displayed my total lack of local geographical knowledge, suffered from a prolonged case of Holiday Tummy, and am now getting ready to go to Newark airport tomorrow.

"So, um, ten years, wow." "I can't believe we never played doctor when we were kids." "I guess we've made up for it now."

And for firsts, I was the first white girl, the first bi girl, the first short-haired girl (like I'm some sort of cat) that he'd ever kissed.

DVDs I've watched at my brother's house: Ghostbusters, Rushmore, Old School. You'd think that I'd watch something new, but I think I'm just riding the actors named Bill or Will wave: Bill Murray and Will Farrell.

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