Monday, March 08, 2004

The pain is much more manageable this morning, although I woke up early, hungry, and all too aware of the various things I have to do today. Thank God for blueberry donuts! A guy just rode by with a broom in his bicycle--how handy! A bunch of Stumptown people came into work yesterday. I always feel a bit bizarre making cappucinos for them, but they are universally good tippers. And cute, too. Super exciting work mystery surprise party is today, and I think I'm going to wear my new outfit. When else will I have an occasion to show off my handi-work? It's going to be 70 degrees Fahrenheit today, and its already sunny and warm. I want Claire to move back to Portland and move in with me and Lindsay. I think she can be persuaded. Plus, I need her vocal talents for my new cover of The Procalimers "500 Miles." (note to self: finish that.) Steve from work got an I Saw U in the Mercury this week. That means that maybe one day I'll get an I Saw U. Steve and I had another one of our conversations about Love. "I think people just want someone to take care of their craziness," he said. "I have enough of my own craziness, thank you very much, without needing to worry about someone else's," I said.

Ironic snippet from my life: The only shoes that I can comfortably wear the Air Cast with are my skateboard shoes. Oh, Fate!

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