Sunday, March 07, 2004

Lindsay took me to the ER today. She took pictures with my camera phone (the best thing EVER) and it was a lot of fun. Seriously, I've almost always had a good time at the ER. I like nurses a lot, and my FNP was super funny. My ankle bone is NOT broken, and now I have a sexy AirCast. I have a lot to look forward to this week:

surpise work dinner/party


brunch with Douglas

serving brunch for Axis


maybe another business meeting.

Oh, and I got a prescription for Vicodin! I don't want to take it too much, but I imagine that I will if the pain continues at its present rate.

Last night Lindsay and I went to Navarre after she finished her umbrella project for RAW. The service was lousy--our waitress didn't seem to care about us so much. But the pumpkin fritters were amazing, and we had a special brussel sprout and apple dish. And they had Chateauneuf du Pape by the glass. Afterwards we went to the Lucky Lab for a beer with Noah and Sunny's friends. I got to talk to Drew. He's my favorite. We talked about DVD TV shows, and the infamous "Ass Penny" Upright Citizens Brigade episode. Then we went to Pix, and I had this revelation about my involvement in work. Not working for a couple of days allowed me to put the job in perspective. "Wow," I said, "I have been so caught up in this place." OK, maybe it wasn't that much of a revelation. It felt like one, though. I had the Andrew Rich Ice Wine. It's good.

I should take a shower before work. I feel greasy 'n' such. It's a beautiful day today. Spring is in the air, la dee da.

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