Monday, March 15, 2004

It's especially difficult to write while listening to "Slave 4 U." Tonight I want to go out drinking, live it up before I leave town, enjoy my Saturday. Found a place with really cheap skateboards and should tell the boys about it. Going Restaurant Supply Shopping with Noah. More like scouting--we'll be scouting. I'm not at a point where I even know what we'll need. Called about a retail space on Division--already rented, but the guy was really nice and helpful about things. We have a lot of planning to do, but it seems to me that everything is contingent on everything else. And: How can I possibly open up a restaurant when I've never worked as a cook? It seems to me that we'll have to hire someone to be the cook--someone who knows what they're doing. Grar.

I found my passport. I have to pack. I want to bring as little as possible with me because I just know there'll be a lot of running around with packages and baggages etc.

So much to do.

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