Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I don't like to use titles, but happy shamrocking

I closed for the first time all by myself last night, and I must say that I did an excellent job. The proof will be in the pudding, though, as I will find out tonight. Why will I find out tonight? Because I am working until 1 am, and then hippety hopping on the plane to NYC at 7 am. Working tonight means I have a lot less time to pack and clean (I think one should clean whenever one is about to embark on a potentially fatal journey); working tonight means I'm missing two (2) parties: Greg, Cary, and Ethan's housewarming, and Patrick's Birthday.

I'm still deciding on my visit philosophy. I think I'm going to stay at Alex's the whole time, since he's letting me use his BMW. Score. Maybe I'll take a drive out to the beach, or to the old neighborhood. Maybe I'll call Sagheer, my next-door neighbor. But I will not go to Philadelphia--unless by some magical twist of fate I get accepted to U Penn today, then I will go.

Emily and Katy Awesome came into work last night, as did John's friend Jodie (Emily thought he was hot, and I think vice versa), as did Matt from next door. Matt from next door is an excellent tipper. I like that in a man. We talked about the various drug experiences we've had. I like that in a man . . . medium. Now that I'm getting older, seeing people in their mid-thirties still doing drugs weirds me out a bit, mainly because I don't want to be in my mid-thirties still doing drugs. Once in a while is ok, I guess, but not habitually.

I ran into Jona at Seaplane yesterday, and gave him my phone number to give to Steve--and I haven't seen Steve in forever, but apparently he runs a record label now. I wonder if Jona and Ritchie are still going out. I wonder if Badger King is on Steve's label. I knew I recognized him, but I couldn't place him, and even after he told me who he was, I only remembered that I knew him. We used to call each other brother and sister. That was our idea of a joke. Look at us now.

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