Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The cramps are back. Another baby-free month for me. Good job. I woke up this morning to a pound pound pounding on my door. Cried the lady: "Is that your grey station wagon parked in front of my driveway?"
*rubbing eyes, looking at cute baby* "No."
*look of disbelief* "I just assumed it was yours."
"No, it's not ours."
"Oh. Sorry."
What the fuck does she mean she assumed it belonged to us? Because we're the youngest people on the block, we don't understand what driveways are for. "Driveways," we ask. "Are those like 8-tracks?" "What are these shiny round things with that hole in the middle?" Grar.

My favorite dog is here. Talked to mom last night and wanted to shoot myself. "How can you NOT get into graduate school? It doesn't make any sense. What do you mean you want to start a business? I would like you to get, at least, your Masters. Who are these people you want to start this business with? Where are you going to get the money? You're going to sell what?!" I couldn't even begin to tell her about the recent heartbreak. "Why aren't you still with Shauna? Why aren't you a Lesbian? Who is this guy, he must be an idiot!"

I learn how to close tonight. That means various things. I'll get a key. That's a big step. I'll be working with Sarah most of the night. A bit more money. After this week it'll be just me and John on Tuesdays. Hopefully it won't be weird.

Last night, after dinner, I made Kahlua Coffee Brownies. Then I got the idea to make BFK Coffee Brownies. Then Lindsay and I came up with a whole slew of ideas involving drinks and dessert. Rum and Coca Cola Cake. Key Lime Cuba Libre. Tequila Sunrise Sorbet. Any ideas anyone?

Countdown to New York: 16 days. Countdown to London: 22 days! I've been missing Claire and Marian especially lately. Countdown until Claire comes for the visit: 9 days. Countdown to Lindsay's Birthday: 12 days.

Everything's coming up roses, I guess.

New idea for cover song: Rebel Yell.

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