Friday, March 12, 2004

Claire's in town. I'd forgotten how loud she breathes when she sleeps. It's comforting, rather, to know that she's alive. Watched most of Les Yeux Sans Visage last night at the boys' house with Emily and Katy before picking up Claire at PDX. The best parts of the movie were the extended shots of the Professor and the Chick Without a Face and the Pearl Necklace Lady walking leisurely up and down the mansion stairs. The circus soundtrack was pretty rawking, too. I found a new way to the airport--not faster, but different. Actually I know that I've gone that way before, but I didn't realize it as I was driving.

In other news, I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut. I told my boss and one of the waitresses who works next door about my dream about the guy who works next door. And I got teased. On the upside, I learned that he's a "great kisser," and that he doesn't have a pregnant girlfriend.

Amanda's in town, too, along with Asher. And Noah, and Lindsay's little sister is coming in from Eugene for Lindsay's Birthday on Sunday.

We spent most of the movie last night singing Billy Idol. John suggested that we just put it on repeat since the movie was subtitled. It's a catchy tune.

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