Thursday, February 12, 2004

Some things that have troubled me lately:

living in 2750. Lindsay and I are thinking about moving out, in spite of our big old lease penalty. We don't like el landlord. The house has leaks.

songwriting. I haven't been able to match words and music in a while. I know that people go through phases when they aren't as prolific, but still I worry. I have been learning songs like "Every Rose has its Thorn" and "Without You." I used to write songs fairly easily, even if they weren't good. What I need, I think, is a collaborator.

Grad schools and fellowships. Where are the rejection letters?

Alcohol. I really drink a lot. I feel normal when I've had a couple of beers. What's that about?

general health. I don't exercise so much anymore. Skateboarding has helped me to get out of the house and at least walk around. No more yoga--it's too expensive. And the dishwashing is pretty labor intensive, so is serving. I do a lot of running around and hauling things, I guess. My body aches, though.

Catnip. My cats go nuts over it, but I have to wonder if it's any good for them.


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