Wednesday, February 25, 2004

one of the Friendster pictures I just saw was of JaNice, and she was holding her cell phone and smiling. Who ARE these people on Friendster? I think I'm going to bail. Nope, I'm too lazy to bail. For example, I got out of bed at two thirty P motha-fucking M this afternoon. Sure I was up until five A motha-fucking M, but COME ON! And now I'm at Tiny's (again) and I was too lazy to go grocery shopping or to stop and buy a burrito that I'm eating a glazed Voodoo donut. I am so opposed to donuts, but I was so hungry, and this donut is so good, so light and fluffy and not too sticky. And I'm sticking to the soy lattes.

A-mac, Shauna-bear, and I went boarding yesterday, and A-mac totally thrashed. It was really scary but really cool. We were going down Salmon from 28th, which is a really steep slope, and Shauna, golden child that she is, was just cruising down. A-mac was going, too, non-stop, and I thought, if A-mac can stick this, than I can stick this. Then it got too fast for me so I jumped off and ran after my deck. Right after I get my deck, I see A-mac fly off of her skateboard, roll down the hill, and land on her ass. She was alright, but she had this huge gash in her wrist from her watch. We all learned something from that. We walked to her new house on 22nd and Salmon and nursed her wounds.

So, why was I up until 5 in the A-M? After work, John and I went to the AAlto lounge because Steve was there, and John and I love Steve. The place was packed with Steve's super hep musician friends. Maybe I'm sexist, but the girls in the group always seem like they're just there--I never hear Steve talk about any of the girls making music. They're all pretty and well-coifed. Anyway, we drink at the Aalto--Steve is wasted and I keep pouring him water. There's something about Steve that makes me want to take care of him. Then John and I leave--I met a bunch of cute guys, but seriously, none of them sparked my interest. Gawd, what's wrong with me? I say, "Do you ever feel like you should do a cart-wheel but don't think that it's a good idea?" John says, "Let's jump the fence to the playground." He runs up to the fence and pretends that he can't jump it. I walk around it. We do cart-wheels. I'm not bad at cart-wheels--John is a little too long in the legs. Then I run to the playground across the park and we spend a good long time spinning each other on the tire swing and climbing up the slides.

Back at 2750 we talk in the nook. I finally got the dirt on his whole ex situation. Then he says something like, "now I'm really picky--she made me really picky. I go out and I think, 'No, no, no, no.'" Pause. "But I like hanging out with you." Pause. Um . . . I say, "Let's climb out on the roof!" It was so cold and windy up there. We didn't last long. I had an impulse to climb on top of him and kiss him, but I didn't.

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