Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I got my first rejection letter today. It was only a matter of time and I'm taking it fairly well. It wasn't from a school, but from a Fellowship. They told me not to take it personally. All things considered, in the scheme of things it doesn't matter a rat's patootey. I have bigger emotional fish to fry at the moment.

John invited me to go bowling with his housemates (he calls them "the boys") last night. I took some extra Advil Cold & Sinus and steeled myself. I dusted off the old ball and shoes. We went to a bowling alley and it was too busy. We drank in the "Players Club" bar. Patrick spilled his 12 ounces of PBR all over Matt. One tough looking guy was wearing a shirt that said "It's all in the past bitch." We left and went to the Bonfire, then to Holman's. John asked if they had any tofu sauce for his french fries and the waitress (really cute) said "This is Holman's." It was funny at the time.

Then I went home. Alone. As usual. Rejection letters come in all forms.

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